Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Labor betrays the unemployed

Wasn't the Labor party supposed to be kinder to "battlers" than the Liberals?

Yet Kafkalink has hardly changed since Labor got into power. It's as punitive as ever, despite the fact that we now have a projection of 140,000 long term unemployed thanks to the global financial meltdown.

The weekly unemployment benefit for the victims of the global financial crisis remains at just $226 per wk, plus a small rent allowance.

How is anyone supposed to live off this?
If ever the "deserving poor" deserved more, it's now!

Yet Labor did not see fit to boost this paltry sum in the last budget. Why not? Because they can get away with it. Because they have chosen the easy path of pandering to the downward envy of the resentful classes, in the hope of staying a percentage point ahead in the polls.

And then there was the rat-baggery of denying the long-term unemployed the $900 stimulus bonus, when they are the ones who needed it most, and would have spent it quickest to bail out local small businesses.

And just who are the long-term unemployed anyway? Mostly people with marginal disabilities, who are perhaps a bit slow, physically or mentally, or perhaps are mildly autistic and lack the social skills to "sell themselves" in a competitive market. Maybe they suffer from complex chronic conditions, poorly controlled depression/ anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue and the like, . And of course, being over 45 is a disability in its own right when it comes to finding a job. And these are the poor wretches who are denied the disability pension, in the name of saving the Treasury a measly $100 a fortnight.

And what is Julia Gillard, the Minister for Inclusion, doing lately about "including" unemployed people when they can't even afford the bus fare to the nearest community centre? The poor buggers don't even qualify for the Pensioner Excursion fare!

PS. Not that the disability pension is anything to get too excited about. After all the hoo-haa about the "massive" boost to pensions in the last budget, it's still only $285 per week.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Gutless Labor does nothing while banks gorge on pensions

When is Federal Labor going to show some guts, and prevent the banks from charging impoverished pensioners $30 - 40 when their pension comes in too late to cover a direct debit of $10?

If nothing else, DH hopes that you will never look at a certain bank's logo in quite the same way again. Once again, they've taken $30 out of the miserable $120 a week she has to live on after rent, because her $40 quarterly insurance was taken out on midnight of the night she only had left $20 in her account.