Wednesday, August 22, 2007

National Aspirationalism: Libs rebadge as the Nasi Party of Australia

Due to an unfortunate typographical error, the Liberal Party has accidentally embraced Goebbelism* instead of Globalism, and has rebadged itself as the National Aspirationalist Party.

Welcome Liberators!

propaganda must always be essentially simple and repetitive. In the long run, basic results in influencing public opionion will be achieved only by the man who is able to reduce problems to the simplest terms and who has the courage to keep forever repeating them in this simplified form, despite the objects of the latte set intellectuals.

Joseph Goebbels, 1942, quoted in:
Bob Burton, 2007 "Inside Spin: the dark underbelly of the PR Industry"
Allen and Unwin.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Howards Scorched Earth Retreat?

Scientists hunting for the "Dictator Gene" might want to keep an eye on John Howard's final days. Like many an alpha male blooded by absolute power, Howard may be programmed to drag the nation down with him if he goes. With all the polls predicting that the Howard Government has no more than 3-4 months left, Howard has hatching one manic plan after another to snatch control of the State's domains: the rivers, public housing, local councils, hospitals, schools. He wants it all, yet there is no evidence of any long term plan for the management of any of these grandiose initiatives. If he has his way, it's going to require a massive reconstruction effort to rebuild the burnt-out shells of infrastructure he leaves behind.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Why the Houso Diary is past its use by date

DH has had to face up to the depressing question of who reads this blog. While she flatters herself that the Diary is avidly sought out by the vanguard of the Houso Intelligentsia, Sitemeter reveals a more tragic reality: most of her visitors appear to be senior citizens from Boca Raton, Florida, wanting information about sex with dentures. Yes, DH's heartfelt political manifesto, Wake up and smell the bad breath: Something Rotten in the State of Howard's Australia , on the Howard Government's despicable funding cuts to dental services, has turned her into the first port of call for halitosis sufferers and denture fetishists the world over.

DH long ago stopped having much of a go at the Department of Housing. It's not their fault that Howard and Co, in their 10 year reign, transferred $3 BILLION dollars from Public Housing into the pockets of private landlords, with predictable results: inflated rents and housing shortages. In DH's experience, most Housing Department staff are dedicated people working hard to drag a behemoth of a department full of aging, poor quality housing stock into the 21st century.

The NSW Government's response, "Reshaping Public Housing", a seemingly lame-brained attempt to squeeze the shortfall out of society's poorest, has fallen off everyone's radar, and will remain so until the first round of evictions of tenants on fixed term contracts. What a shindig we'll have then! The Ministers for Tenant Bashing, Joe Tripodi and Cherie Burton, have been rolled and the new Minister has not upset anyone as yet... talking about the new Minister, has anyone seen him lately, or at all? Should someone send out a St Bernards? A free latte to the first person who can remember his name...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Howard's Last Stand

Centrebet odds on Labor to Win 1.62 to Coalition's 2.30 at time of posting!

Note to the PM:
While teetering on the brink, it's probably not a good idea to make wild policy lunges.

Or clutch desperately at straw polls from yesteryear.

Or keep upping the bravado. How many times in one interview is it possible to repeat:
  • Now, I'm not going to apologize for ...
  • Now, I'm not here to ...
  • Now, I'm not about to
  • Now, I certainly don't intend to ...
What sounded strong and resolute a season ago is beginning to sound like hubris.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Beige is the New Red

Comrades, er, I mean, friends, Let us sing:

The People's Flag is Palest Beige

(To be sung to the tune of "O, Christmas Tree". See the original lyrics.)

The people’s flag is palest beige
It’s so yesterday to maintain the rage
Tho martyrs' blood dyed it’s every fold
Their sacrifice leaves "The Taxpayer" cold

So raise the pale beige banner high,
Beneath its shade we’ll strategise
Tho Lefties flinch and Greenies sneer
We’ll keep the Beige Flag flying here

(Original poster "Tribune Fair" 1978 by the great Chips MacKinolty from the heyday of the Tin Sheds)