Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seriously, is SBS Housos gunna give us housos a bad name?

There's no way but up... 
Besides, who sez only the upper crust is worthy of satire? (If you call fuck jokes satire...).

Seeeriously: As soon as you start treating any group as if they are fragile,  you run the risk of insulting their humanity, their collective capacity for self-reflection and action. Ever met anyone who feels good about being called "vulnerable"?

So if anything,this show may even defuse class struggle by giving downward envy an outlet.

It might get funnier too if we give it a chance. Some of it was funny, like the rap anthem.

But let's wait and see whether "Housos" incites lynch mobs of decent citizens to descend on our estates and sprinkle us like so many salt and pepper flakes around the better suburbs.  

If you are thinking of joining a lynch mob tho, just remember the structural problems (don't mention the "C" word*) that cause the family breakdowns, the mental illness, the dislocation, the wasted lives, the addictions, the gambling, etc etc that created us subprime folks. It could happen to you...


Someone should tell SBS they're being ripped of though. With every 3rd word being "fucken", they're only getting 20 minutes of script for every 30 they pay for.  


* Not that "C" word, dickheads!. The "Cap#@**$alism word.

For a really classy review of this show, check out the collective wisdom of the Brown Couch's Cultural Studies A-Team

SBS Housos: The Verdict: Subprime

Subprime slapstick about supposedly
subprime people for an even more
subprime audience in a deservedly
subprime timeslot.

SBS Housos: The Survey

DH's quiet enjoyment of her FB page was shattered by yet another questionaire yesterday.

Fair dinkum, is there no place where the damn sociologists and social workers can't find us??? 

Loik, there were no weren't no fair dinkum choices neither.

What about some fully sick options loik: 
  • F%!# off, oi ain't tellin the guvmint nuffink
  • F%!# off, oi don't want no trouble
  • F%!# off, oi've already done 3 Uni surveys and a Focus group this week, and all oi got in return was a cuppa International Roast and soggy Sao biscuits

Monday, October 24, 2011


Yeah? Whaddaya think yer lookin at?

Thanks fer boostin me page hits but.

Just helpin meself to a slice of audience share ...

* For newbies, DH reckons she's yer old style working-class heroine type Houso...