Thursday, March 23, 2006

Nothing to hide, nothing to lose?

Well, though DH has nothing major to hide,  her recent trauma with DoH has opened her eyes to just how much she had to lose.
She has not had dealings with the legal system before, because Australia actually used to be relaxed and comfortable before John Howard turned us into a nation of diary-dependent accountants 
She realised that under the searchlights of the legalistic gaze, her failure to recall, say,  exactly whether her last appointment with her hairdresser was in 2001 or 2002 and whether it post or pre-dated her conversation with a DOH call centre person whose name was either Bill or Steve, who may have had a slight South Australian accent, but wouldnt give a reference number ... well, it all began to take on a sinister cast. Even DH began to doubt herself. Perhaps she really had spent all the rent money on having her foils done that one time, and perhaps her life has been a sordid trail of lies fraud and cover ups ever since.
And what about her claim that she has rung the DOH 8 times in the prior 2 weeks, and they had only called back twice. How was she to prove that when she didnt have a reference number for a call that never happened.
Now compare and contrast with John Howards' situation.
He has everything to hide, but seemingly aint going to lose a thing.
We know that he knows we know that he knew perfectly well that Aussie wheat bribes were going to buy armaments that could be used to kill Aussie boys and girls in Iraq. But he just keeps stonewalling and he'll get away with it.
Lets not even talk of Kerry Packers legally robbing the Australian public of a billions in tax.

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