Tuesday, May 16, 2006

DH wants your advice. Shd she give up her private health insurance?

DH has been clinging onto increasingly exorbitant private health insurance cover by the fingernails.
But for the 3rd time in 6 months, she couldnt afford to meet HCF's direct debit this month. There goes another $35 in bank dishonour fees ... (See NCOSS report on how the poor pay more for everything through late fees)
Should DH give up health insurance? She had to go in for a standard surgical procedure a few months back. Her specialist wanted to charge her about $550. As DH gets top cover, she thought, foolish mortal that she is, that she had no worries and could lie back and be pampered in St Vincent's Private. This is the first time, since the abysmal Howard brought in semi-compulsory private insurance, that DH has tried to use her hospital cover. What a shock awaited her. HCF only refund about $80. So after spending thousands over the years on private cover, DH found herself back in the public hospital queue. What's goin' ON????

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