Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Worry du jour: Health insurance

Wake early aching all over (can't afford a softer mattress) .
Toss and turn, worrying about defaulting HCF payment (the second in a row). DH is now $440 in arrears, plus has incurred $70 in bank fees for the 2 defaulting payments. She is in it as a family with her mother, which allows her to share the cost and cover her child at the same time. She would get out of it, but her daughter needs to have all her wisdom teeth removed.  So much money gone down the drain already, pity to stop now, only to find self with horrible hospitalisable disease bummer the very next day, would be typical, and just DH's luck. Will use tax refund (due any day now) to pay off HCF arrears and hope mother doesnt need major surgery in next two weeks. Just have to borrow from same long-suffering friend as last time.

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