Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Work tragedy: BBQs from Hell

DH has a strong personal stake in this story. Her father, one of the best men in the world, worked as a salesman for Barbecues Galore, till he died in 1995. DH is confident that Barbecues Galore's owners and slavedrivers will have their own little private rotisserie in hell. DH's father worked as a shop assistant six days a week, with only Wednesdays off. And Thursday mornings, so that he could do the late shift for late night shopping, one of the most banally evil practises dreamed up by Capitalism. All this for a wage that barely paid for rent plus maintenance on the old lemon that got him to work. As the carer for DH's disabled mother, he was not able to take on a more agressive career path, and as a renter, he could not afford to retire. It was heartbreaking that he missed out on all the social activities that took place among his friends and relatives on Sundays, so that ultimately a fragile family already affected by disability and low income, was further isolated and removed from its remaining social supports. BBQs from Hell unconscionably used the letter of the law to deprive DHs father of whatever tiny benefits he may have got.

For instance, DH was HORRIFIED to discover that despite working unsociable hours for 6 days a week, BBQs galore refused to pay her father full holiday pay, arguing that as he only worked 4 week days, his holiday pay could be pro-rated accordingly.

This is the reason why DH foams at the mouth whenever Howard talks about his "Family Values".

Any political party that talks about Family Values at the same time as refusing to endorse the basic tenet of Judaeo-Christian civilisation, the preminence of the Sabbath day of rest, will surely have their place reserved in the big Rotisserie for Hippocrites down below

From todays SMH

(See also below, research findings that indicate that mental health may be declining due to work stresses in what is now the hardest working country in the world)

Work killing the family, report says

Matt Wade March 6, 2007

AUSTRALIA has emerged as one of the most intensely work-focused countries, but it is creating a human tragedy.
Research has found a strong link between long and unpredictable work hours and the breakdown of family and other relationships.
Australia is the only high-income country in the world that combines very long average working hours with a high level of work at unsocial times - during weeknights and weekends - and a significant proportion of casual employment.
These work patterns are making employees unhealthy, putting relationships under extreme stress, creating angry, inconsistent parents, and reducing the well-being of children, says the report by Relationships Forum Australia, titled An unexpected tragedy.

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