Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Australia's shame: State's abusive neglect of children of prisoners, offenders and alleged offenders.

DH is just listening to Radio National's Law Report as she types.

She is GOBSMACKED by what she is hearing!

Young children abandoned in the house alone while a sole parent is hauled off from the front yard by police. In the worst cases, the police not even allowing the parent to tell the child, who is left to find out by their own devices! Children left in the homes of god knows who, sometimes in the care of neighbours not even known to the family, in other, with their parent's drug addicted associates. Young children not even at puberty left alone to care for toddler siblings! Young teens left to fend for themselves in the streets. And no services who know or care.

How shameful and horrifying to think these poor darlings are simply abandoned, humiliated, shocked, and traumatised for life.

"Innocent until proven guilty" may apply to the offending parent

But for the children, it is "Scarred for life: Punished whether Mum and Dad turn out to be guilty or not"

How is it possible that in a modern state, there are no protocols in place for dealing with the children of people caught up in the criminal justice system!!!??

How is it possible that there have never been any crusading exposes in the media of this national scandal?

Not to mention the guilt she suddenly feels about neighbour's kids. Could she have done more?

It has often been remarked that society has a two faced attitude to children. On the one hand, holy innocents. On the other, savages. Now we see that in the eyes of the state, there is a third view: Unrepresented no-count swill.

Some attitude to our national treasure, society's future!

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