Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Google StreetView nabs BMW

Being the public-spirited houso that she is, DH feels she has been seriously letting herself down.

With Housing NSW' Tenant Fraud Hotline in full swing, she has so far failed to dob in so much as one single BMW owner! She knows they're out there in droves, her Housing Ministers have told her so, yet she daily struggles with the guilty knowledge that it is only her lack of vigilance that has prevented the apprehension of these unconscionable barnacles on the public purse.

So when she first heard of Google Streetview yesterday, she realised immediately that she had the perfect tool to do the necessary large scale reconnaisance of the neighbourhood!

While it is true that she has not so far been able to capture any BMW in flagrante in the neighbourhood, DH wasn't born yesterday, you know. Why, there are no lengths to which the sybarites of public housing will not go to conceal the evidence of their opulent lifestyles! So she was a wise-up as soon as she discovered the suspicious object depicted. She anticipates that she will be in a position to make a citizen's arrest just as soon as she has had a chance to nip down the road and peak under the next-door's tarp.

She urges her fellow tenants to follow her example, do the right thing, and keep a close watch on their precincts. It is to be hoped that the Department's Tenant Fraud SWAT team has lost no time in establishing an evaluatory committee to investigate the addition of this invaluable tool to the Departmental Surveillance Armoury.

Note: DH hastens to advise Housing NSW that the late model Hyundai Getz peeking out of her garage belongs to a visiting friend.


Andrew Elder said...

OK, no Mercs - what about weird guys dancing around in their underwear in publicly-funded premises? Nary a word about that, eh?

P.B.Dunn said...

WTF are you paid to work for the DOH this sounds like a spin off from neighbourhood watch programme.
What are their area managers paid to do..??? sit on their asses and deny australians their constirutinal rights.. HA HA theives get theirs in the end.... the DOH in Wollongong have some places set aside for prostitutes and drug users to carry on withtheir "trade " they know this but still want us to tell them about it when its their job to do that in the 1st instance ?? WAKE UP