Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Renovate this!

[Update Nov 20. 6 kitchen floor tiles, the rotting window frame, and the subsiding bathroom floor have now been replaced. Thank you HNSW!]

Thanks to the Labor government for the $130 million to maintain our homes and prop up our economy. And lest we forget, thanks for reversing the 12 years of housing neglect by the Howard Government.

Meanwhile in public housing in NSW there has been no money for years for anything but emergency maintenance, and stock has run down.

Here's an example just from DH's place, which is only about 25 years old.

The list includes: a subsiding bathroom floor, dry rot in the windows and door frames, poor quality carpet fraying everywhere, perished kitchen flooring, subsiding kitchen cabinets, no insulation under a hot tin roof windows that won't open, water damaged architraves.

To be honest, DH is so grateful to have a place at all that she is not much bothered. As Capitalism slides down the gurgler, being houseproud hardly seems like a priority.


Anonymous said...

My place is almost cbd, new when I moved in. They are getting me a house so I won't bother them anymore. My sister in Sydney has a very nice, 100 year old, inner city terrace house. If only the Aboriginals knew how to complain they too would be living like kings.
I asked the federal minister to trial earthship housing for aboriginals so they could take part in building their own houses and keep costs down. Housing contractors wouldn't like that.

Anonymous said...

I suggested that some time ago.. perhaps we should get up a pertition & put it in writing.
Most housing today is pre-cut & shipped out on site. More Aboriginals need to be constructive activists... I wish Anon would show his/her cards..