Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rudd's downfall explained

Drawing on her extensive network of unemployed layabouts, ie former Labor party high-flyers, oh alright, medium-flyers to flightless dodos, DH has pieced together the inside story on Rudd's downfall, and sadly for conspiracy theorists, it's pretty much the accepted view.
  • Rudd had no factional backing. So he had no fallback once his personal popularity inevitably dived.

  • His micromanaging ways created a bottleneck in his office , slowed down government business, and drove public servants to distraction

  • Public servants used to wait for him to go on holiday or out of the country so they cd send stuff to Julia Gillard's office

  • It's not cool to pare back the public service and then goad them to work harder

  • Rudd relied too much on young staffers and had no grizzled political warhorses on his shoulder to keep it real

  • Much as DH would like to blame Mark Arbib, it's not his fault. The downfall was cross-factionally engineered

BTW, If you only see one political spoof this year, it has to be Rudd's Downfall

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