Friday, November 19, 2010

B-b-but I'm a middle-class granny...

Or, from pillar of respectability to homeless old harridan in just 6 weeks. 

Try it yourself. Stare for a while
and this middle-class matron
will turn into a
homeless old harridan

You don't have to have an honours degree in Sociology* to figure out why the face of homelessness is looking more female and wrinkly.

Women still earn less than men. Our careers are often interrupted by child-rearing and caring, thus our earning capacity is further lowered. Single women in rented accommodation have very little left over for savings. 

If we're over 50 and lose our jobs, our chances of re-employment can be computed by an algorithm involving Buckley's times the number of snowflakes in hell less our chances of marrying a terrorist trying to hijack our bus to Centrelink.  

With Newstart set at an appalling $235 a week, it's not long before we're in rent arrears. After just 2 weeks rent arrears, (unless our landlord is some kind of bleedin' heart traitor to their class), there'll be a termination notice in the mail. It's possible to hang on for a another couple of weeks by appealing to the CTTT (the Tribunal), but if you can't demonstrate your ability to pay up, you're out on your ear, old dear!

Nice way to treat the nation's mothers! And that's just if you are a mother. If not, you won't even be able to experience the joy of couch-surfing at the kids' place trying not to look like a mother-in-law joke.

* Of course, if you particularly want to be an older unemployed person, DH can certainly recommend an  honours degree in sociology. That's exactly how she got where she is today.

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OUT IN THE OPEN, Sydney, NSW Australia said...

The Federal Labor government's Disability Job Network is another grubby can of worms being offered for consumption to the desperate and cash starved disabled. Would like to know how much these hangers on are being paid for each attendance by a DACSD, and what their success rate is in placing people in work.