Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy {Invasion/Australia} Day, Girtrude!

 By all means, rejoice, Girtrude, if you:

  • are young (and preferably slim)
  • free (at least outside business hours and on weekends)
  • can afford a plot of golden soil
  • earn at least minimum award rate wealth for your toil
  • own your own mining conglomerate

That's if you're not an Aboriginal mourning Invasion Day, or one of the 5% of Aussies who can't find toil no matter how often they rewrite their resumes, or how many Cert IV's and Statements of Attainment they achieve  

Of crse, some who rejoice on
Australia Day are yet to hear
the bad news..

This includes people over 50, disabled people, people with borderline mental illnesses or intellectual disabilities who are not defined as disabled, trying to live on $235 a week for a single person.   
Bad luck too for the 1 in 10 Australians below the poverty line, that's 2 million Aussies, baby!

Not even going to bore you again with the depressing stats on homelessness in "The Lucky Country". See previous post 

PS. For those of you who come by sea, sorry, we appear to have run out of boundless plains...Please refer to the Minister for Sustainability for further instructions

But seriously, we are all blessed with a beautiful country, so  let's work together to make Australia Truly Fair!

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Anonymous said...

And it's about to get worse. The National Rental Affordability Scheme has had its funding capped, as part of the budget cuts Julia Gillard announced today in connection with the flood levy: