Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Selflessness of the Filthy Rich

DH feels we do not give the filthy rich enough credit for their sacrifices for the common good of our great nation.

Imaging the ethical quandary this family of wealth north shore members of the horsey set endures every week.

These Royal Ascot worthies have no
relationship to the Fitznobbs of
our story. They are merely illustrative
of the sacrifices made by the filthy
rich as an example to us all.

They hire an east Asian cleaner, a hardworking woman who has not seen her kids in years, as she scrimps and saves to support the aged parents and children back home. She gets up at 5 for a long commute to the unaffordable suburbs where she must work. Meanwhile The Family zips around in its helicopter between its various properties.

But consider how the Fitznobbs must bleed every pay day. Yes, their heart breaks for her situation and they would love to pay her more than $22 an hour, and even the occasional taxi home after a late night's cleaning, to allow her to save for a visit to her family.

But consider what this would do to our economy! My lord, think of the inflationary pressures such a rash precedent might generate!

So they sacrifice themselves and lash themselves to the mast. Every cent is carefully counted out to the half-hour,  don't you worry about that. Our economy is safe thanks to the selflessness of our owning classes.

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