Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Centrelink moves goalposts on Carer's Pension

When DH went back to work she was told that she wouldnt have to reapply for the Carer's Pension unless she worked for longer than 6 months.

But wouldnt you know it, they've gone and moved the goalposts again!

So now she has to reapply. Reapplying means filling out a swatch of forms, and having a medico fill out a detailed form listing the criteria for disability that Centrelink currently recognises.

Centrelink's idea of disability is either physical, intellectual or "psychiatric", whereas DH's child has a neurological disorder (Asperger Syndrome) which doesnt easily fit the criteria but is every bit as stressful to family lifes. So establishing the claim is always difficult.

But nevertheless DH can handle filling out the forms despite the tedium.

But going back to the shrink means more $$$. The young one has a neurological disorder for heaven's sake! It's not going to change in 6 months!

The Liberals were supposed to stand for less Government. But their real agenda is to turn us into a nation of accountants.

A resentful nation of whipped dogs, more like it, remade in the image of nasty little Johnny Howard.


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