Monday, June 13, 2005

Lose-Lose Housing Dept "Reforms"

WELCOME TO THE POVERTY TRAP, which just got worse thanks to Labor's Reforms.

Well, DH was on a good thing with the contract. But then NSW Labor in their never ending quest to outdo the Liberals when it comes to bashing the poor came up with a corker of a plan.

Deprive Housing Dept Tenants of their BMW.

Put up their rents.

DH's rent was going to go up to $400 dollars a week!

For a glasshouse facing west, that is too hot to inhabit in summer. That has walls so thin, that her neighbours are threating to take out a contract on her if she plays the Moonlight Sonata one more time.

This would leave DH, on a contract wage of $1350 a week (not so wonderful if you remember that she doesnt get sick leave or carer's leave or holidays) only abt $80 a week better off than shs was on the pension.

For the most boring pointless job on earth developing telcom products for a mobile phone market oversaturated with bewildering choice as it is.

So now DH gets back to doing what she loves - working in community groups and being a relayer of information on the web.

The new rent hike is financially a lose-lose situation for both motivated tenants and the State Govt alike. This is a massive disincentive to study and work.

In DH's case, the state loses the $290 a week rent she was paying before.

And there's NO HOPE whatever of her ever saving anything to get out of this place.

There is NO WAY she can jeopardise the only secure accommation she has ever known by accepting a well paid job.

Well, at least the Federal Government will pay for her increasing reliance on anti-depressants. But for how long?

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