Sunday, July 24, 2005

DH buttonholes the Minister for Workforce Participation

Getting a bit Orwellian, isnt it???

A Ministry of Workforce Participation already!!!. Ve hef veys of making you vork....

Or, carrots for the rich and sticks for the poor...

The Minister. Peter Dutton, is a bright young thing and speaks glowingly of the benefits of workplace participation, and all the incentives the Libs offer.

DH tells him that despite earning 1500 a week as a contractor, no holiday pay, sick leave or anything of crse, she is only $80 a week better off than she was on the carer's pension.

"What kind of incentive is THAT?" she inquires triumphantly.

Both he and minder visibly blanch. They havent thought that one through. It cd upset the middle classes.

He recovers quickly, "Well, I dont know anything about that. I'd have to see the spreadsheet first".

"NOT A PROBLEM :-) ! ! !" DH triumphs again, diving into her briefcase. "I happen to have one right here."

The rest of you can see this at

At Question time, DH also asked the Minister how Industrial Relations "Reforms" (oh please) especially changes to unfair dismissal laws will impact people with disabilities who may not be able to perform to benchmarks.

Not a problem, says Peter Dutton, because they will still be protected by Disability Discrimination Laws...

Yeah, but, it takes several years to establish a discrimination claim, Peter, but if you were dismissed unfairly, how you gonna pay for the legal fees....

That's the trouble with the Libs. Grand ideological new brooms all over the place. No clue about how its all going to fit together...

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