Sunday, July 24, 2005

DH gatecrashes Aust Social Policy Conference ...

... cant quite afford the $220 a day ...

The Disability Rights movement has a motto "Nothing about us, without us". In other words, "dont research us, make decisions about us without our participation".

DH found herself wondering if ASPC's motto was:

Certainly she heard some wonderful papers about how terrible our lives were, which made her feel quite depressed. And State Apparatchiks need these papers because its the only way of actually rubbing their noses in the obvious they might otherwise step over...
But she was scratching her head when, at one session on how terrible the lives of housos were, she invited all present to see her after class if they were interested in the EXCITING new initiatives housos were engaging in to help themselves. She couldnt believe it when the whole audience filed past her with EYES AVERTED at the end of the session.
Is there some stigma attached to being a Houso that is too scary for "professional" helpers???

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