Thursday, September 08, 2005

Call Centre Legends

For the past few weeks, DH has been terrorised by 2 milk cartons of paperwork lurking in the corner of her bedroom/office. It's not that she is lazy or resistant to the patriotic notion of being remade in the image of an accountant to appease "The Taxpayer" (of which she was one, if you'll recall, until the D'oH 'reforms' made her position untenable). It's just that she is afraid that if she shifts the paperwork she may find a grinning little bandy-legged gremlin with an uncanny resemblance to John Howard under the pile, which if unleashed will run around wreaking who knows what further havoc.
But Energy Australia could not be put off any longer, so with sinking heart, made heavy by the thought of the imminent trip to smelly old Vinnies to eat humble pie, be patronised by reformed alcoholics, and beg for a few EAPA vouchers, she dialled Energy Australia and settled in for the long wait
Now DH has had quite a whinge about the state of this country's institutions, but she is always overawed by the sheer goodness of the call centre staff who have to pick up the pieces, and so it proved today, so thank you to the lovely young woman at Energy Australia, Leanne, who made an unpleasant chore friendly and bearable! 
These people are the front line troops doing the dirty work of Howard, his miserable crew, and their bloated CEO mates. DH reckons they're all heros and legends, and their front line work absorbing all the anger and frustration that's out there may well be all that's holding this country together.
So DH reckon nobody should be allowed to make social policy without being forced to spend at least one day a week in a call centre answering calls from desperados like herself.

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