Monday, September 05, 2005

Dont Worry, John Brogden

But never mind, if you do hit rock bottom, and never quite recover, and your family and friends desert you, you can always go on the public housing waiting list!

Could take a while, but...

A wake up call to all politicans who lose sight of why public housing is important, and how easy it really is for anyone to slip off the tightrope.

With the greatest sympathy for your awful ordeal, when cold fish like Howard and Ruddock prosper by using racism as a finely honed wedge. Your disgrace is nothing compared to theirs. Pity you didnt wait for them to resign first.

Well, its always sad to see a Balmain Boy gone wrong. You shdda satisfied your amibitions by staying in the Labor Party. You could have followed in the footsteps of Bob Hawke and no-one wd have batted an eyelid.

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