Sunday, January 22, 2006

DH lays new floor covering.

After 10 years residence, DH has finally got it together to replace the shabby, cheap and dismal DOH regulation grey carpet with a sparkling new cheap and cheerful floating floor. This stuff looks amazing. No one can believe its not wood. As if DH cd afford that ($260 per week to live on, once DOH, Austudy, HECS and ATO have their cut). With great difficulty she extracted the fact from the salesman that the stuff is actually some kind of compressed woodchips with the photograph of planks superimposed on it. But its supposed to last much longer than wood. Would IKEA lie? Anyway it will have to last, because DH paid for it all herself after years of saving. DOH doesnt replace carpet however poor the initial quality.

Anyhow, so now DH has a lifestyle, instead of just a life! It looks great, and will be so easy to keep clean.

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