Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Galloping depression...

Nice one, Geoff Gallop. Desperate Houso suffers from depression as well. Unfortunately, she cannot afford to resign from her job. She cannot live on the disability pension. Admittedly all she has to show for her fulltime job is about $70 more per week than the unlivable pension, thanks to paying $ 528.60 odd dollars DOH rent and $14.00 water rates per fortnight plus $60 HECS plus $50 Ausstudy loan. DOH can't afford to see a psychiatrist, while bulk billing shrinks are rare as hens teeth and booked out till Judgment Day, and when she tried a crisis service she was pretty much told not to bother to come back until after she had committed suicide.
Although Jeff Kennett was on Radio National bringing tears to her eyes praising Gallop's courage, she found herself smelling a rat. To her surprise she found herself thinking about Abraham Lincoln or Winston Churchill who carried on anyhow. When the likes of Jeff Kennett start being more politically correct than DH is, then clearly fresh thinking is needed.  And here it comes: What Capitalism needs is a recognition that workers are not machines, that depression is a natural part of life, that we all goof off sometimes, and that ALL of us need to be protected from unfair dismissal due to lapses of performance, that we are all carrying inhuman work burdens because all this leanness and meanness means that organisations do not carry any slack to cover human imperfections.
Well heigh-ho folks. Time for DH to shovel down some Zoloft, and its off to work she goes.
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