Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Punitive new regime at CRS (Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service)

Another unheralded "nasty" from the Howard Hoons. CRS, formerly known as the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service, as of 1st of July, has been forced to turn over its booking schedule to the tender mercies of the Kafkalink computer system. As readers of this blog know, Centrelink has a computer system that couldn't go two rounds with a headless chook.
What this means for the clients of CRS, and other disability employment services is, that people with disabilities requiring these specialist services, will now be subject to the same punitive system of breaches as all the other Serfs in Kafkalink's Empire of NoChoices for a $240 odd a week. It's nothing less than a system of Industrial Conscription/
BTW, here for your edification is Centrelink's absurdist definition of disability:
If you have a disability that is chronic, and stable, and under control, you are obliged to work 15 hours a week.
If you have a disability that is undiagnosed, not stable and not under control, you are obliged to work 30 hours a week!
Go figure!!!!
Now how many jobs are there that offer just 30 hours a week?
So it's 37.5 hours a week for you my friend!

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