Sunday, November 11, 2007

Meet the National Aspirationalist Candidate for the Seat of Sydney

At a "Meet the Candidates" held recently in Sydney, the Liberal Candidate, (her name was as memorable as the list of platitudes she read from) enthusiastically endorsed her party's new rebadging as the party of "National Aspirationalism".

DH has long suspected that this policy arises from a simple typographical error perpetrated by some Liberal Party staffer, steeped in that party's noble tradition of knowing as little as possible about history in case it turns out to be upsetting. Perhaps, having been told to research Globalisation, our staffer accidentally researching Goebbalisation instead, and couldn't tell the difference.

To check her hunch, DH asked Miss Liberal afterwards whether "National Aspirationalism" meant things like "Strength through Joy" and "Hard Work gives us Free Choice"*, to which the candidate enthusiastically agreed.


OTOH, if the Liberals threw in a free Mateswagen Beetle for every battler, and promised to get the trains and buses running on time, it could be a goer!

Translation: Relax...
Strength Through Joy
* Historical Notes
Work'Choices' gone Feral
  • Kraft Durch Freude - Nazi campaign to build the National Will via cheap holidays. Included a savings plan towards the KDF Wagen, later rebadged as the Volkswagen
  • Arbeit Macht Frei: WorkChoices gone Feral. Emblazoned on the main gates of the Auschwitz, it translates roughly as "Work will set us Free". It didn't then. It won't now. Australia is already the hardest working nation in the world. Calculate the social costs for yourselves.

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