Monday, November 12, 2007

Union or Billionaires Row. Which one will you join, come the election result?

Paul Sheehan, of the SMH, whose major impact on DH;s life to date was getting her to spend several $100 hard-earned on Silly Water (how could one of the the SMH's most senior journalists be wrong about this miracle panacea for all ills??*) read with interest his ominous article in today's SMH.

In purple prose reminiscent of the words of the fascist poet T.S. Eliot. "What slow beast lurches towards Bethlehem?" he reckons that there's no real difference between the parties, that the election is really about Union Power, and ends his rant with the following.

"Everything is in place. With Labor so close to the holy grail of power - every government in Australia - the machine, and the Labor left, are maintaining an iron discipline, and a patient silence"

Before voting, working punters should ask themselves "If I'm unhappy with the election result, and want to change things, which am I more likely to be able to join and influence: My Union, or the Billionaires Club?"

And vote accordingly.

*And how come the SMH still hires someone who has so little credibility?.

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