Friday, February 15, 2008

Correction: Howard NOT a wallflower at Paddy's wake.

Major egg on face. DH so loved the story of John Howard being totally ignored at Paddy McGuinness' wake, that when she saw one of Paddy's drinking mates at the Unity, she couldn't resist barging in to hear the delicious story embellished again. Well, darn it! The story was not true! Apologies all around. Apparently the reality was that people were queuing up to talk to Howard, he was not particularly bailed up by local Labor Identity, and what's more he was buying drinks all round. What's more, the relayer of the tale, another local Labor Identity, was not even there, according to DH's informant.

Disappointing, but instructive for any budding journalist. DH's crowd all wanted to believe it so much!

DH was much disappointed. But greatly cheered up to check Sitemeter, and find someone had googled "Brendan Nelson is an imbecile", and was directed straight to this blog.

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Ann O'Dyne said...

I Guugled "Brendan Nelson is an imbecile" and there was only ONE result .... and so here I am.

of course he is