Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hockey's Last Stand: A Buffoon Capers to Oblivion

All the Liberals have left to offer the Nation ...
The rump of the once mighty Liberal Party.

(Apologies to the relatively handsome and intelligent Billy Bunter)

And on what major issue of principle did Joey Hockey,
(egged on by young Abbott Minor)
choose to take his last stand?

He doesn't want to be made to work!
Eat your Workchoices, Ham Hocks!
And if Hockey refuses to work ?

What a pleasure it would be to see him breeched from Parliament
by the same cruel standards he imposed on low income Australians.

How sweet it'd be to see Hockey, schoolboy cap in hand, queuing up for Newstart!

Hocks demonstrating that even a cardboard Rudd has more brains

The pathetic fools! Now their true colours are there for everyone to see. Under the watch of these pitiful buffoons, the National housing crisis, now reaching tragic proportions was building. They knew it but they were too busy greasing their sectional interests with pork pies stolen from the national larder. No brains, no talent, no capacity for analysis, no vision, the only thing they knew to do was dogwhistle.
Skipping meals to pay rent
Sunanda Creagh and Phillip CooreyFebruary 22, 2008
RISING rents are forcing thousands of people to skip meals and admit they are too poor to send their children on school excursions, new figures reveal.
Housing experts warned yesterday that the home affordability crisis threatens to destabilise the economy and drive the country into recession.
And Labor says the Howard government knew more than two years ago that one-third of renters were suffering from rental stress but failed to acknowledge the problem.


Anonymous said...

the cheapest rental I could find in near by Blackwater is 300 dollar per week, basic 3 bedroom on small block, small hospital where nothing gets done, woolworths, you pay through the nose and coal trains use the line, freight goes by road. Wow, you need a job just to survive.

Yes, Rudd was off being sorry, and visiting the once flooded Mackay North Qld.. People will pay the rents instead of protesting, and settling for something cheaper...

Anonymous said...

The Courier Mail has an item on Housing in Brisbane, read the comments for an enlightened view.