Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Criminal entrapment? D'oHLink forcing mothers into black economy

DH is hearing increasing evidence that D'ohLink, (the unholy alliance of NSW Labor's Housing policies and the remnant of the dog's breakfast that was the Howard Government's welfare policy), is forcing sole parents into the underground economy.

One story DH has heard is of the sole parent of two disabled children who spent 4 years acquiring a tertiary teaching qualification. She was very excited to get her first job which was ideal in every way. Including having child friendly hours, being close to home and a great place to work.

There was only one flaw. She found she was financially better off working 2 days than the 5 days required. Not being able to reach agreement with her employers, she was forced to resign.

She now works as a house cleaner. Last time DH saw her, she looked a wreck. Why? She had found herself a good job, but was required to work the 3am shift, and then come home to her demanding children.
What a waste for the whole nation!
A waste of energy, a waste of hard work, a waste of education, a waste of training.
And if this good woman, who is the salt of the earth, gets found out, she will be tainted with the crime of fraud, for nothing more than wanting to provide for her children so that they can participate in society.

It's all a bit reminiscent of Britain in the 18th century, where the poor were criminalised and exported to the colonies. It's just as well there are no places left up for colonisation. (Don't mention Christmas Island or Nauru, lest some eager beaver politician gets another bright idea!)

What on EARTH are the governments of this nation thinking? Who on earth benefits from the criminalisation? Nobody!

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concerned citizen said...

hey, just read your story. It sickens me how the poor who try so hard 2 get back on there feet get crapped on by the government. it makes me SO angry! you've got my support im going to spread the word!