Thursday, April 03, 2008

DH, Done diddled by Commonwealth Bank

Ken Done and DH lose three quarters of personal fortune to CBA!

DH would like to extend her sympathies to her fellow Sydney Icon, Ken Done. She knows exactly how he feels.
Yes, she, too, has had three quarters of her personal fortune devoured by the profit-hungry ex "People's Bank".

Admittedly, DH's loss was $70 ...
While Done's was $53,000,000

But while she admits that she lost significantly less in absolute terms, she reckons the magnitude of the disaster, measured by their respective abilities to put a meal on the table at the end of the fortnight, is about equal.

DH lost hers, as battlers regularly do, to "Overdrawn fees". Fall $10 short when the electricity bill direct debit goes through, and CBA add $35 to your misery. As do all its rogue banking mates.

Shouldn't there be a law preventing banks from charging pensioners these miserable fees, when they know full well that the amount will be covered in the next day's automatic pension deposit?

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