Saturday, April 05, 2008

Private housing dwellers rip off public by $700,000,000

A recent report in the "The Australian" estimates that a number of Australia's wealthiest millionaires are defrauding the Australian public by at least $700,000,000 in tax evasion schemes. According to a figures based on an unrelated press release (see below), from NSW Housing Minister Matt Brown, this massive amount would purchase 3000 public housing dwellings. We can only hope that our indefatigable parliamentarians will put as much legislative effort into naming, shaming and prosecuting their wealthy scrounger business mates, as they do to "protecting" all us "good tenants" who do not currently have a pied-a-terre in Liechtenstein.

If only our Housing Ministers could figure out a better way of being "fair" to us housos than bringing calumny on all our heads with press releases catchily titled "Crackdown on rip-offs to create fairer public housing in NSW "...

Perhaps its time to call these these private housing tax cheats by a new name: AntiSocial Housos.

Whatever happened to the good ole' Class Struggle? Bring back the good old days...

Disclaimer: In principle DH supports exposing wealthy cheats no matter where they live. She does not currently have any assets in Liechtenstein.

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