Friday, July 04, 2008

The Chrismas Island Hilton: A Holiday Camp for Housos?

One of the most depressing things about being caught in a poverty trap is that you never get to have a real holiday, no matter how hard you work.

DH and daughter have not been out of Sydney for more than 3 days at a time in 21 years, except for the few times they wore out their ever-dwindling welcome with their Qld friends*.

So it was with a growing sense of excitement that she read today's news that Christmas Island had been refurbished to Hilton standards

She has always longed for a Pacific Island holiday! Why not send all up in relays, for a well deserved break?

As long as it's not a one way ticket...

The Brits thought of it first in 18th century to deal with their excess populations of ill-housed wretches.

The Krauts refined the concept.

Excuse DH, but being a post-war baby, the idea of "Concentration Camps To Go" in remote locations is a bit of a worry. Course it cd never happen here.

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DH said...

DH cannot tell a lie but she did not want to interrupt the flow of the piece.

The truth is, she did once get overseas for a conference, having maxed out her credit card to get there.

But, just her luck... Some deity "up there" has it in for her..

Yes, she chose a week after 9/11 O1
for the excursion. Not only was she scared out of her wits the whole time, not only did she some down with all the symptoms of Anthrax on her first (of 3) days in New York, but she ended up going bankrupt as a result of this little jaunt.