Monday, June 30, 2008

Iemma hires Pope, Randwick Racecourse, to hear Houso Confessions

So now we know why Iemma and da Boys had to hire Randwick Racecourse and bring in the Pope!
It was the only way to fit in the 350,000 housos lining up to confess their sins in this month of the Tenant Fraud Confessional and Amnesty.
For whomsoever amongst us hath not salted away a bit of moonlighting income to pay the electricity bills or fix the kids' teeth, let them cast the first stone.

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pamela said...

Being a public housing tenant means being placed in a custodial situation when you have done nothing wrong other than not be able to house yourself without government support. Aren't we meant to be a civilised, progressive, modern country? So why is this draconian dark ages stuff happening in public housing?