Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NSW Govt exploits contract workers

Continuing DH"s theme that the NSW public service appears to be held together by rubber bands and sticky tape:
DH is looking for contract work in the public service and noted a Grade 9/10 role being offered at the rate of $40 per hour.
Assuming an average Grade 9/10 salary per annum is $85,000, then to arrive at that figure, you would have to divided by 52 weeks, at 41 hrs per week.
The whole idea of contract work was that you were supposed to be paid an extra high rate to compensate for the fact that you get
  • no holiday pay
  • no sick pay
  • no training
  • no bloody nothing except the hour by hour sweat of your brow.
As an old leftie, she knew the argument against contracting was perfectly clear. It was an appealing bait at first to get people to give up secure  wages and conditions, then once the work force has lost its rights, the contract wage will gradually drop.
From the figures above it is clear that this is exactly what has happened.
Contractors now earn in real terms no more that abt 75-80% of a permanent wage, if that.
Factoring in annual leave and sick leave, compassionate leave etc, and public holidays, that 85,000 shd be divided by 45, minus, lets say $1000 a year in training, works out at about $50 an hour.
DH is pretty hopeless about money, so if she has got it all wrong, please email her at desperate.houso@gmail.com
Oh and that's where Centrelink's big stick comes in.
Woe betide you if you refuse to accept the rip-off.
That's the way we are turned into indentured laborers

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