Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Horror, the Horror: China, Zimbabwe, Iran, Indonesia, Burma

rHow UTTERLY repulsive it was to see China's show relay in Tibet

DH is usually pretty strict about keeping this blog within its parochial parameters

But enough is enough

Then there is Zimbabwe, And the mealy-mouthed African states totally incapable of standing up for justice for their own people.

Then there are the Muslim religious fascists who have declared war on the West,

Now poor Schapelle Corby is rotting away in an Indonesian sh*thole. No doubt she smuggled a bit of dope. But this is no way to treat a human being

Everywhere you look, rotten, corrupt states getting away with it.

And at every turn the Australian left has gone to the dogs and panders to worn out arguments that everything that has gone wrong in these benighted nations is the West's fault.

It's enough to make you sick

Still, it's true that we are oil addicts and are now beginning to pay the price.

Accordingly, DH now calls upon all her fellow housos to give up their BMWs
as a sacrifice to World Peace.

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