Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beam us up, Scotty!

Guess what Scott Morrison, the new Turnball appointee to the shadow housing ministry reckons is the solution to the nation's housing crisis?

(Admittedly he is new to the Housing portfolio, so it's only fair to allow him a certain amount of bluster room while he comes up to speed.)

He told assembled affordable housing lobbyists at Wednesday's National Affordable Housing Advocacy day that the main way to solve the nation's housing problems was... wait for it...
"Strong economic management"
Well if that's the case, Scotty, how come after 12 years of Liberal rule we're in the fine mess we're in?
Aren't you the party that claims the high ground on economic management?

Lemme guess, blame state governments and local councils and taxes?

The member for Cook, out around Botany Bay, didn't disappoint.

Ho hum... pass the buck round one more time ...

Mr Morrison seemed like a likeable, intelligent sort of feller. So what's he doing in the Liberal party? When addressing the lobbyists, Mr Morrison took care to pay his respects to the dedication of public sector workers when it came to housing the poor and clothing the naked and all that. But when he listed the organisations he respected, they were all faith-based.

A quick check of the Scott Morrison website shows why. He's one of those prosperous young things who workships at the Shirelive Church. In short another upwardly mobile Hillsong pentacostalist taking over the Liberal Party.

Mind you, DH doesn't mind the faithful as much as she did in her youth. You might as well believe in something other than Malthus and Darwin. Anything to keep us cheerful as we contemplate how we consumed ourselves into oblivion. Since the US meltdown, the only place the underclasses are ever likely to get a decent home is in heaven.

So beam us up, Scotty!

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