Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Malcolm Turnbull, Woolly Waffler

Wake up without a hangover? Miss that swollen-tongued, brain filled with cotton-wool feeling?

DH has just the cure for you.

Check out any recent interview with Poor Malcolm. His monotonous wafflings will soon have you thumping the sides of your head, clawing your earholes with you pinkies, trying to clear the sudden fog in your brains.

Dear Liberal voters, DH knows you feel encouraged by Malcolms apotheosis.

But darlings, it's about more than having a noble profile and a magisterial way of padding out a striped suit. He does look grand, ones grant you. But one does have to be able to speak clearly and explain oneself, one would have thought. Patrician vowels in themselves are not quite sufficient, surely.

Ya shoudda heard him today waffling on the Fran Kelly on the ABC.

With this guy, its one step forward, two steps back. Out pops a word from his mouth, two of them are retracted. Today's classic, a telling exchange on every level was.

Fran Kelly: Who's your favourite footy team?

Malcolm Rex: Er, well, er, I vote for the Roo, er, vote for???, ha-ha-ha, er, I support the the Roosters
He's still got nothing better to do than go on about Kevin Rudd's overseas trip.

Finally challenged by Kelly"
So what would you do if you were the Prime Minister?
Malcolm goes:
Um, err, [thinks quickly: That was a curly one. Um, what would I do??.]
Um, well, I would come back.
[... incomprehensible 2 minute waffle about markets ...]
Of course DH, can be accused of being biased about the liberal party. She is still feeling dirty about things like the way they extracted their budget surplus from the teeth of the lower orders, the children going mad in detention centres, and all the other stuff in the right hand column
Shouldn't Malcolm start by saying sorry?
... To be continued, when DH gets a chance to listen to the podcast. There will be rich pickings.

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Spotmore said...

Silly you for listening to his prattle, I did not waste time ..