Friday, October 03, 2008

Come back, Elites, all is forgiven!

DH of course has always been a member of the elite.

The elites as we know can be recognised by 3 things:

  • a love of lattes
  • a pied-a-terre in the Inner West
  • some rudimentary level of higher education

And DH qualifies on all counts

Some people might say: But how can DH be one of the elite? She:

  • does not own a major share in the means of production
  • can't afford dental care, holidays, new clothes, or even a friand to go with her latte
  • doesn't jet around the world, own a yacht, or get invited to weekends away on the Packer's estates
Nah, doesn't matter. According to experts on elitism, Miranda Devine, Gerald Henderson, Michael Duffy, and all those other champions of the "real people", that doesn't count. The real give-away is having a social conscience and a few brain folicules to rub together.

Well, we elites have been generous and patient. We have let bona-fide battlers, like George W Bush and John Howard have a turn in the play pen. We're even giving Malcolm Turnbull, that child of hard times, a bit of a go.

But with Western Civilisation about to go down the gurgler thanks to the free rein given to President Bozo the Clown, it's time we elites clamped down.

The final straw was watching Michael Duffy's pin-up girl, Sarah Palin, humiliating herself in an interview with Katie Couric.

Noblesse oblige, surely, dictates that we put these dummies out of their misery.

Has the world gone completely mad? What have we come to when a politician's greatest claim to office is her own stupidity and wilful ignorance?

More of a worry is that no matter how low these characters nosedive, there are still huge numbers of people who will vote for them!

Couldn't we send anyone who is now, or has ever been, a registered Republican or a member of a Pentacostalist church, to Guantanamo for some re-education in the "American Way"?

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