Thursday, October 02, 2008

"Free Market Experiment We Had to Have" tanks


The Free Market Experiment We Had to Have has tanked!

Socialists are back in business! (Just don't breathe the S-word out loud)

Didn't we tell them so!

So let's get back to bashing the rich which is right and proper.

Yeah! How cool would it be to sink the confederacy of dunce presidents, carpetbaggers, robber barons, corporate criminals, greedy Pig bankers, hucksters, subprime pyramid salesmen, craven politicians, spin merchants, welfare bashers, and all the dumb schmucks who've been duped by them, the pentacostalist nincompoops, the Joe Sixpacks - the ignoramuses who feel entitled to comment on things they're too lazy to educate themselves about.

Bit of a worry though that this bunch of dolts and crooks could be the concrete shoes that drag the rest of us down the gurgler...

Unfortunately DH doesn't understand high finance well enough to know whether sinking the banks will sink the rest of us. It's tempting to want to gloat, but history does teach us that when things tank, it's the poor that bear the brunt.

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