Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's the Class Struggle, Baby

After seeing the heart-breaking circumstances of homeless families living in trashy, exorbitantly priced motels, ($900 forked out weekly by HNSW!), forced to pack up weekly and move out to apply for another weeks tenure, or being exploited by ratbag landlords, DH feels really bad.

Perhaps she should rename the blog and stop claiming to be desperate? Compared to those people she is in heaven.

Should she complain about poor maintenance and HNSW inefficiency, for instance, when other people are in such desperate circumstances?

But she will resist the temptation to feel guilty.

When the Packer family, say, and all their free-loading cronies feel guilty enough to start paying taxes, then she'll shut up.

When the Labor party hits these wealthy parasite and hits them hard, then she might consider feeling guilty about having a roof over her head.

In these dire circumstances those in power, will be hoping that the poor can be divided and ruled, will be stupid enough to squabble amongst themselves over a few crumbs, while the rich go on being baled out, and allowed to speculate and carry on as before.

DH will continue to insist on speaking out critically on behalf of those who have managed to get a toehold in housing, however tenuous.

Yes, Virginia, there is a class struggle, and its getting pretty naked out there at the moment.

These people doing it tough are not Howard's euphemistic "battlers". They are simply the Australian working class, and the sooner "Labor" wakes up to whose interests they're meant to be protecting, the better.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the story on tv. These people would be better off moving to Bundaberg where rent is cheap and lifestyle much improved.