Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Ferguson amendment

So the ever-reactive NSW Labor government is taking to the Residential Tenancy Act with a shovel at the behest of the mob, who'd cut off their collective legislative nose to spite their neighbour's face.

That said, who wants to have a paedophile, or any crim, for that matter living next door?

Why not some innovative legislation for a change, pairing every crim discovered in public housing, with a crim from the North Shore? Let's demand that a suitable punishment for billionaires who commit tax fraud, money laundering, property theft, or big-time is to be required to billet a low-rent . Maybe even chain 'em together with ankle-braces for public appearances? Maybe one day, if justice is done, we cd even see a former Housing Minister 'tripp'ing along with a small-time stand-over man hobbled to his ankle.

Meanwhile, perhaps a room could be found for Ferguson at the Goanna* mansion?

*Aka the Packer paterfamilias, as described by the Costigan commission into organised crime. The Packer family being DH's favorite candidate for a good mobbing.

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