Sunday, November 29, 2009

Labor's peculiar notion of justice

Labor has come up with a brilliant and logically incontrovertible new philosophical proposition:

To make an unjust system more just, simply
extend injustice equally to all

... starting with the lower classes or course.
The rich will just have to wait their turn ...


  • Rent at 30% or more creates housing stress and its attendant evils: depression, debilitation, family breakdown,

    Therefore to make social housing fairer, public housing tenants on a wage must as soon as possible have their rent upped to 30% + to be on a par with the unfortunates in private housing

  • It's racist to humiliate Aboriginals as a class by compulsory income management.

    So let's humiliate the Unemployed classes as well. Then it won't be racist anymore

    In the fullness of time, of course, Labor will extend this principal to all Australians. For example, it will be a requirement that half of banking executives salaries are to be paid in the form of Coles vouchers. But Rome wasn't built in a day, so the working class should be patient.


Anonymous said...

Coles is owned by "Westfarmers" just up the road, owning "Currah Coal Mine, to name one" Maybe DH should be applying for IT positions with 'dem!

I Hve been without a pc for 3 months now... bought a pissy toshiba with "vista" won't accept my samsung .. next G telstra .. internet. Connected to my Son's internet, while I am here in town. He is 41 & still could not get a bank loan for basic block & house
in Stinking Hot Rockhampton.

kimba said...

Yeah by 2012 we will probably all be on " Income Management" and then because quarantining only half won't stop us having a flutter or a drink they will quarantine the whole lot and we will really be stuffed up.