Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why Adhoc Abbott can steal a march on Detail Devil Rudd

Cos a lie can race around the world twice in the time it takes the truth to put its boots on.

Or more precisely, we live in a complex world, and it takes time to create change. While Abbott can put the boot in to some wretched scapegoat in 5 unscripted minutes, what can the truth do, except quote boring research and statistics. As if some swingbat voter is going to switch off MasterKapo to go fact-checking when its so much more fun to poke a scapegoat with a stick.

DH was in the audience for the ABC's inaugural Q&A with Kevin Rudd. (By invitation, don't y'know). She was on the edge of her seat cos she doesn't like seeing anyone humiliated, and would not like to see a newly elected PM fall flat on his face. And it all seemed like a terrible risk for Rudd to front up to a bunch of axegrinders like us who could hit him with anything.

But Rudd was right across it all. He has a huge head for detail. And he had a spontaneous sense of humor too. DH was dead impressed and came out thinking "What more can we expect of any human being for a Prime Minister".

Let's face it. It's all about the Geeks vs the Jocks. And it's time to declare open warfar. Now DH is a geek from way back, a brainy weakling who suffered at the hands of the popular girls. And she's cast this battle between Rudd and the Mean Girls, Abbott and Hockey.

Geeks rule. Or oughter, cause they can do more than slap backs and pose artfully in jockstraps at footy matches.

DH will be voting Labor, for all their mistakes.

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