Monday, June 07, 2010

DH's quest for Holy Grail ends at Sydney Dental Hospital

DH grasps Holy Spitbowl at last!

Yes DH finally made it into the inner sanctum of the nation's excuse for a dental health system, Sydney Dental Hospital.

It's normally a 2 year waiting list, so it was with a sense of triumph that DH turned up at the Dental Hospital. Thanks to a toothache, she was put on the emergency (!) list, and only had to wait 3 weeks! Fortunately, antibiotics stopped the ache in the meantime.

See DH's seminal entry on the topic: Wake up and smell the bad breath! Something rotten in the state of Howard's Australia.

It doesn't appear to have got much better under Labor...

You can follow the story, and it's a very short one, on twitter #desperatehouso

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Ida's Idioms said...

I have found that each State has the responsibility in Dental Health Care. I broke my flimsy Public Health Dentures in two & had them stuck together a couple of times - finally in desperation I sought the help of a private dentist who removed a wisdom tooth, various chips of roots left behind & still had to wait 3 months for my mouth to heal. Worth it, this set is still going strong after 21 years.
Dentist was kind enough to let me repay installments monthly.. Yep, almost 3 years before letter arrived to say daughter & I ere on top of list..