Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Open Letter to Scott Morrison

DH is a regular recipient of Cookmail, the newsletter of Scott Morrison, currently Shadow Minister for all things immigration and population control. She met him on the historic occasion when she popped into Canberra during his stint as Shadow Housing Minister. She found him lacking in knowledge or understanding of housing issues, but personable and willing to listen. Perhaps his lack of understanding was due to his newness in the role. Besides, at that time, the Liberals were wedded to a very simplistic line on the housing crisis that they had so miserably failed to foresee or prevent during their decade of power. The Lib's simple mantra: blame the states for not releasing more land...  
Morrison to the rescue!
Safeguarding our borders

Mr Morrison's newsletter solicited  feedback, so DH couldn't resist the opportunity to influence Liberal Party policy. Here is her advice:


Dear Scott Morrison,

Thank you for sending me your newsletter and request for feedback. As I consider you to be one of the more balanced members of the Liberal Party, I am pleased to give you a response.

Let me say that I was very disappointed by the Liberal Party's election tactics. In fairness though it was the Australian public who shocked me for responding so strongly to the negative campaign run by Tony Abbott.

From my perspective, the campaign pandered to the most ignorant and resentful members of the public. It lacked all substance, with figures in billions of $$$ plucked out of thin air, and a mish-mash of back-to-the-future and wild-leaps-into-the-unknown policies, chopped and changed to suit the moment.

I am now appalled to find that the Liberal Pary has switched from the nonsensical enough idea of being "kind and gentle" to an all out determination to destabilise the Australian government. We need an effective opposition to raise important, well-researched questions on the feasibility of the NBN, on a continuation of efforts to create affordable public and private housing. We need a serious debate about sustainable population growth and humane treatment of asylum seekers. We need to make up our minds whether people on welfare benefits should be at least lifted to the poverty line, or whether we should jettison them into a new caste of untouchables. And as a former Home Sustainability Assessor (unemployed), I am keen to see that an effective opposition keeps tabs on Labor's management of ambitious projects.

Instead, what we are hearing from people like Messrs Abbott, Hockey and Pine, is a barrage of sledging, wrecking and personal attacks reminiscent of the tactics of the mean girls at my high school.

I hope you will be a force for an Opposition committed to the long-term good of the nation rather than a short-term grab for power at any price.




Andrew Elder said...

You had an opportunity to go after Morrison for his mendacity over asylum-seekers and missed it. I'm sure a lot of new migrants end up in public housing, and his whole approach to policy suggests a niggardly "little Australia" theory. In short, rather than some broader attack on Abbott et al, you should have forced Morrison to take more responsibility for his own actions.

DH said...

Yeah, but I'm a blogger of very little left-brain. Can you be more specific on what I should have lambasted him about? I can always write back to him and have my subsequent emails ignored like the previous one.

Chris Grealy said...

Good luck with trying to get the conservatives to be polite and reasonable. They don't have it in them