Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome to Social Housing, Ya Arbibi... And where's Tanya?

Trust me on this. A housing
offer you can't refuse.
Ummm... is this a demotion for Arbib, Housos, or both?

Does it mean mo' betta social housing, or the opposite? 

If Arbibi is poll-driven, he'll be wanting to get rid of us all, such is the general hatred whipped up against housos by a succession of the luminaries of the NSW Right: Housing Ministers of the calibre of Joe Tripodi, Cherie Burton, and the Right Honourable Mr Fancy Pants.

DH excludes David Borger, and was sorry to see him go, for he had a genuine vision for social housing and urban regeneration.

The current minister Terenzini remains an unknown quantity, as measured by the flatlining of excitement levels generated in the housing sector.

But back to Mark Arbib. If he want to get rid of us, though, surely he can't knife all of us in the back, can he? Not here in Australia?

DH proposes a protest cavalcade of BMW's stretching all the way from Airds to Canberra, to nip in the bud any plans to ship us all off to Christmas Island.

And where's Tanya?

And has the Ministering Angel of Housing,  Tanya Plibersek, been kicked, cajoled, nudged, or invited, upstairs, downstairs, or sideways?

Can anyone who understand the workings of the constant ministry renamings and rebadgings enlighten us?

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Chris Grealy said...

It's entirely likely that Plibersek has requested some time off for parenting, and good on her too.