Monday, June 06, 2011

Waiting for the Tenant Messiah

The Handing Down of the First Draft Tenant Participation
Framework Consultation Paper
 Oh ye of little faith. Didst thou think HNSW had hidden Its face from thee forever? Didst though think that rumours of the advent of the Draft Tenant Participation Framework Consultation Paper of 2008 was merely a chimera*

Then sing Hallelujah! For it has come to pass that with the last of the stimulus manna consumed, the heavenly gates of Housing NSW Ashfield have once more reopened for core business.

And lo they have released yet another blueprint for the New Jerusalem, which they call the Draft Tenant Engagement Framework Consultation Paper 2011
The Handing Down of the 2nd, 3rd,
4th, and nth drafts ad infinitum

But verily DH sayeth unto thee, these flimsy frameworks will avail you naught, for lest a Tenant Messiah arises from amongst you, your consults will be as the dust, which blows hither and thither and settles not, neither will ye dwell in a peaceful habitation, let alone in quiet enjoyment of secure tenure.

At best you will score a free cup of International Roast, some assorted creme biscuits and if you're lucky, the bus fare home.  

In short, without an independent tenants' union, consults will come and go, but you will never get past the 2nd of the 5 gates of Tenant Consultation Purgatory, viz:
  1. Information:
  2. Consultation:
  3. Involvement:
  4. Collaboration: 
  5. Empowerment: In your dreams...
For you don't get what you don't fight and organise for, and wherefore shouldst HNSW be expected to organise its own opposition against itself?

And how on earth is this Independent Social Housing Tenants Union to be formed out of the mixed multitude of "those most in need"? DH sees no way forward unless a leader arises from within the tenant body with the energy to unite, motivate and hone us into an effective independent force. 

*Chimera: (n): a grotesque monster of diverse parts,  often depicted with the head of a bean-counter and the body of a social worker.    

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