Friday, May 18, 2012

El pueblo, vencido, jamas sera unido!

You heard me right.

But if you don't understand Spanish:

The people, defeated, will never be united!

Just sayin'

More indepth analysis to follow of a Labor budget that cuts single parents' miserable stipend by a further $120, deprives working class pensioners of the overseas holiday they've been scrimping and saving for all their lives, about the pig that wallowed in in the HSU trough while no-one noticed, and then got rewarded by the Federal Presidency of The ALP. And the alternative, Abbott and Hockey doing a Dutch auction on who can be the meanest toughest pensioner mugger on the block.

On the other hand maybe I'll just pull the covers over my head and not bother.

If you're wondering where DH got to. I've evicted her. HNSW won't allow me to sublet my brain for more than three weeks without notifying them.


p said...

no, no, no!! i love DH! let her in the back door... sneak her a key... do what you can! please?

DH said...

Oh alright then. With such an overwhelming response from DH's wide fan base, how can I refuse.