Friday, March 08, 2013

Oh, hello...

Long time no blog ... Typical of the neurotic, self-destructive underclasses, who go into hiding at the first hint of success.

DH has not written a word since being invited by the National Library of Australia to be "archived in perpetuity" for being ... "An important part of the Nation's Documentary Heritage". Insert big Cheshire DH smiley here.

Be careful what you wish for, as the New Agey folk say. As stated somewhere way back in the beginning, DH's ambition for this blog was to be "a footnote in some future academic article on the death of the welfare state", whereas it should have been to sell the film rights to Hollywood and free up a place on the housing waiting list for someone more deserving than herself.

Besides, what is there to write about. Have the Liberals done a single thing for public housing since they got in to government. Halloooooooooooo Prue Goward ... anyone home?

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