Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Is $6 too much to ask?

In a moment of misguided altruism brought on by endless browbeating by the resurgent Abbottist New Guard, DH was heard to opine that she would not minding paying $6 for a doctor's visit. All part of the New Social Responsibility, in which the conscientious welfare recipient is encouraged to march to the nearest cliff and jump off in order not to burden the nation's young.

Yes, DH knows we boomers are not dying off fast enough, especially those of us who can't afford the trip to Mexico for a bottle of horse-tranquilizer. 

So. Anyway. DH begs to revise her views on co-payments. Her underlying assumptions were that that 
  • one wouldn't need to be going to one's doctors more than about twice a week (one should only be so lucky!) and 
  • one would have secure rentals pegged at no more than 30% of one's income.

Otherwise, $18+ a week could push one over the edge. Not forgetting the cost of medications, prescription and non-prescription, the dentist... whoah ... but who on a pension indulges in dentistry these days? Let alone visit a specialist who charges $100 over the scheduled fee just to hold a can of liquid nitrogen to one's nose and go "squirt".

Of course it would be more rational if the powers-that-be stopped their hypocrisy and made voluntary euthanasia legal. Oddly enough, this hypocrisy comes from the very same Right Wing Economic Rats, who want to make our lives miserable by forcing us to be productive till we drop, though they secretly would prefer us dead. Yet they are the very ones insisting on keeping us alive, often in the name of Jesus, or, at least, the Jesus Vote.

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Anonymous said...

No unemployed or working poor person can afford to get a boil that becomes infected and needs the dressing changed at the local GP's treatment room every day for two weeks! That's $84, possibly out of a single fortnightly pension.