Friday, June 06, 2014

What the Dickens are Abbott & Co up to?

Now Abbott & Co are trying to privatise welfare by stealth. They want to bring back the good old days, when you had to put up with a religious lecture from some born-again alcoholic wowser in a smelly St Vincents backroom before you could get your hands on a couple of cans of beetroot, spam, and corn for your kids.

The government expects 550,000 applications for assistance, which will be delivered by charities in the form of food vouchers, transport or medications, household goods, clothing or by helping to pay rent or utility bills. Heaven forbid that the poor should have discretion in their spending, and blow what's left after bills on a bar of chocolate, or a new lipstick

PS. Have been thinking of restarting this blog after long absence. Just didn't know where to start, too busy ducking Abbott & Co's blitzkreig against the majority of Australian workers and those unable to work.

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